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Washington, D.C. Attorneys Assist Petitioners Seeking Permanent U.S. Residence

Skilled D.C. immigration lawyers help clients obtain proper authorization

Lawful permanent residence gives a foreign national the right to live and work in the United States. Often referred to colloquially as a “green card,” this status can be achieved through one of several different application processes, depending on the particular circumstances. At Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney in Washington, D.C., we help our clients determine their best pathway to permanent residence and provide hands-on assistance with petitions and supporting documentation. Our firm has offered reliable immigration advice and representation to clients in the DC Metro Area and around the world since 1986.

Knowledgeable advisers explain green card eligibility options for applicants

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers lawful permanent residence status in several eligibility categories. An applicant may qualify for legal immigration based on:

  • Family — You can pursue family-sponsored residence here if you are a spouse, child or parent of a U.S. citizens or green card holder. A person with a fiancé visa can become a permanent resident after marrying their U.S. sponsor.
  • Employment — USCIS gives preference to highly accomplished, educated and skilled professionals when determining who can receive a green card. Lawful permanent resident status is also available to physicians and investors who make valuable contributions to the U.S.
  • Refugee and asylum status — A person who flees persecution in their home country may seek a permanent home in the United States by applying for refugee status or asylum.
  • Victim of criminal activity — Some victims of human trafficking and other crimes can obtain U.S. green cards. Spouses and children who have suffered domestic violence at the hands of a U.S. citizen or permanent resident can also be approved for permanent residency.

Identifying the appropriate type of permanent residence application is a crucial first step. With a long history of positive outcomes, we outline the likelihood of success and provide guidance on all family immigration and business immigration matters.

Accomplished law firm prepares permanent residence applications and RFE responses

Within each broad permanent residence category are more narrow categories. For example, you can seek either an Immediate Relative visa or Family Preference visa to obtain a family-based green card, and there are multiple types of Employment-Based (EB) applications. However, there are steps in the permanent residence application process that span all categories. These include:

  • Prepare the petition — Review the types of evidence USCIS looks for when evaluating applications within your particular category. Gather and organize the strongest evidence you can, along with other documents required by USCIS. If you need a sponsor, you will need their full consent and willingness to participate in the application process.
  • File the petition — You may be able to file the necessary forms on your own, or a sponsor may need to file the forms on your behalf.
  • Respond to any Requests for Evidence — USCIS might mail a Request for Evidence (RFE) if it doubts the evidence submitted with your petition is substantial enough to prove your eligibility. It might be necessary to provide additional forms of evidence or to offer a detailed explanation of the evidence on file.
  • Biometrics — You will need to provide fingerprints and submit to a background check. A medical exam could also be necessary.
  • Interview — An immigration officer will interview you about the status you are seeking and your eligibility. You may be accompanied by an attorney.

Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in visa law and other aspects of the U.S. immigration system. In addition to assisting with applications, we attend interviews, respond to Request for Evidence documents and appeal Denial Notices issued by USCIS.

Contact a District of Columbia attorney today about a permanent residence petition

Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney in Washington, D.C. assists with lawful permanent residence applications and responds to USCIS inquiries. To schedule a consultation with one of our immigration attorneys, call 202-728-0820 or contact us online.


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