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The conditions blocking your entry to the U.S. (“grounds of inadmissibility”) can sometimes be waived or forgiven.

Some foreigners are ineligible to immigrate to, or even to visit, the United States.  We have obtained waivers, or forgiveness, of many such grounds of “inadmissibility,” including:

  • The two-year J-1 foreign residence requirement
  • Certain crimes
  • 3 and 10-year bars on entering the United States
  • Misrepresentation or fraud
  • Other violations of U.S. legal status

The CIS Web Site summarizes the procedures for applying for a waiver.  Many waivers require proving the “hardship” leaving the United States would cause to oneself or to a family member(s).  Sometimes there is a trial, and sometimes the application is decided only on the paper application – in either case, one must submit good, solid and convincing evidence of eligibility for the waiver.  As in the deportation context, it would be unwise to file a waiver application without first consulting a qualified, experienced immigration attorney.

The Washington D.C. legal team at Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney can help

Contact one of the dedicated immigration attorneys at Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney, based in Washington D.C., to find out how to obtain a waiver of inadmissibility.  Use 202-728-0820 or our online inquiry form.


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