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DC Immigration Lawyers Helping With Compliance Services For Individuals

Morris Deutsch, and Yana Feldman have more than 60 collective years of experience practicing immigration law.  Yana has worked with Morris for over 10 years.  We have extensive experience in representing employers, and have assisted many people from all walks of live to visit, live and/or work in the United States.  We enjoy working with individuals, with their myriad life situations, routine or difficult, in need of immigration services.

We are known for being good communicators.  Our clients never have problems getting through to us in a reasonable time, to obtain answers to their questions or just their case status.  Clients have rated us highly in terms of our competence, professional demeanor and the level of care we provide.  Based in Washington D.C., we assist clients throughout the United States.

Our approach is to schedule an initial consultation, for a minimal fee, to analyze the case, and to determine all available immigration options and possible problems.  We believe in informing clients of all risks and benefits, so they can make informed choices and not just rely on our judgment.  At this stage, we will offer a proposal for the work, detailing all fees and costs, and providing different payment plan options.  Once retained, we work with our clients to prepare and file their applications in the way most likely to succeed.  Most importantly, we do what we say we are going to do.

Our immigration lawyers in DC are multilingual, and can assist you in English, French, Spanish or Russian.  We practice in almost all areas of immigration law, including:

  • Temporary work visas. Various types of work permits are available, including Employment Authorization Documents, H1B visas for professional workers, L-1 visas for intra-company transfers, E-1 visas for treaty traders, E-2 visas for treaty investors, O-1 visas for scientists, artists, business executives or athletes with extraordinary ability, and R-1 visas for religious workers. Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney will assist you to determine which one applies to your situation.
  • Permanent residence based on employment or family relationships. A permanent resident card, also known as a “green card,” gives you the right to live in the United States indefinitely. Work and family relationships (spouse, parent, child) are the most common bases for obtaining a “green card.”
  • Applying for U.S. citizenship (naturalization). U.S. citizenship has many benefits in addition to the right to live in the United States permanently, such as the right to vote in local or national elections, to hold a government job and to carry a U.S. passport. “Green card” holders do not enjoy those benefits of citizenship.
  • Crime or abuse victims. The underlying circumstances in these cases are often difficult to discuss, particularly in cases of abuse. Our clients benefit from the presence of female and male attorneys in our office who are dedicated, compassionate advocates. They carefully protect our clients’ privacy and dignity.
  • Expediting delayed cases. Although U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) has improved its efficiency in recent years, sometimes an immigration application seems to have disappeared into a black hole. Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney can advise you how to resolve delays and revive stalled immigration applications.
  • Immigration Waivers (J-1, Crimes, Overstay, Illegal Status, Fraud). Sometimes foreigners are not eligible to move to, or even visit, the United States. We use our extensive experience in immigration law to secure waivers of the many grounds of such ineligibility by proving hardship. Attempting to secure a hardship waiver can be a trap for the unwary, so do not try it without first consulting a qualified immigration attorney.
  • Maintaining Permanent Residence Once Obtained. Once you become a permanent resident, you must take steps to avoid losing the status  If you are going to leave the U.S. for extended periods, then attempt to preserve your residence while you are gone.

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