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Skilled Washington, D.C. Deportation Defense Lawyers Aid Immigrants

Committed legal team represents clients in removal proceedings

Removal, or deportation, occurs when the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) forces a foreign national to leave the United States. If you have received a Notice to Appear at a removal proceeding, the attorneys of Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney in Washington, D.C. can fight to help you to stay in the United States. Practicing immigration law since 1986, our firm has vast experience dealing with the U.S. Immigration Court’s Executive Office of Immigration Review (EOIR). We prioritize your interests and the interests of your family when developing a deportation defense to fit your case.

Experienced District of Columbia lawyers challenge grounds for deportation 

U.S. citizens are the only people fully protected from deportation by DHS. The government maintains the right to deport any permanent resident, nonimmigrant visa holder or undocumented immigrant as long as DHS can establish grounds for removal or inadmissibility. The U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) outlines several grounds for removal, including:

  • Conviction for certain crimes, including domestic violence and drug offenses
  • Failure to follow requirements associated with lawful permanent residence or your specific visa
  • Violation of an immigration law, including providing assistance to someone entering the country illegally
  • Submission of falsified documents to an immigration officer
  • Receipt of need-based public assistance as a lawful permanent resident
  • Failure to update U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services about a change of address
  • Marriage fraud

The DHS cannot remove a person with legal immigration status or another type of protection without meeting its burden of proof before an Immigration Court judge. No matter how difficult your case might seem, a strong defense could prevent deportation. Our deportation defense attorneys work to counter the claims of the DHS and help clients remain in the United States.

Determined attorneys represent foreign nationals in immigration court

When the DHS initiates a removal proceeding against you, you will be given a Notice to Appear in immigration court, as well as charging documents that state the alleged grounds for removal.

If you or a loved one has received a Notice to Appear, it is best to contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible. Your lawyer can deny the charges brought against you at the first hearing with the EOIR. When you indicate that you want to fight the charges, a merits hearing will likely be scheduled for a future date. The merits hearing is where you or your lawyer can present a full deportation defense. You may bring witnesses and present additional documentation. If you do not show up for a hearing, the court can issue a final order of removal, allowing immigration authorities to deport you forcibly and prevent you from seeking legal U.S. immigration status for at least 10 years. 

Our defense strategy will be based on the charges filed against you and your specific circumstances. We will consider all the protections available to you under U.S. visa law. We may argue that you are eligible for a family-based adjustment of status, temporary protected status, asylum status or a waiver to forgive prior misconduct. Our lawyers can also seek to convince a DHS prosecutor to drop the charges. If necessary, we are prepared to appeal a removal decision with the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Contact a respected Washington, D.C. deportation defense law firm to protect your rights

Morris H. Deutsch, Immigration Attorney in Washington D.C. vigorously defends immigrants facing possible deportation by the Department of Homeland Security. To schedule a confidential consultation with one of our dedicated immigration attorneys, call 202-728-0820 or contact us online.


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