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Expediting a Delayed Immigration Case With Help From a Skilled Law Firm

Sometimes an immigration case takes way too long, or seems to have disappeared into a “black hole.”  We know how to address such problems by taking a range of steps, including, in progressively more aggressive order:

  • Occasionally, we advise a client to do nothing, since the delay can actually be advantageous in certain situations.
  • An attorney from our office can enter an appearance as attorney in the pending case.  Then we can inquire about the case by writing to or visiting US CIS.
  • We can contact the office of the client’s Senator or Congressional Representative, and ask them to make a “congressional inquiry” to US CIS.
  • We can request the American Immigration Lawyers Association liaison to contact US CIS on our behalf, which frequently results in case action.
  • If there is a very severe emergency which necessitates quicker resolution of an immigration case, we can contact US CIS and ask them to expedite.
  • Finally, in some instances, we recommend filing of a lawsuit with the federal Court, requesting the Court to order US CIS to issue its case decision – the Court will not order CIS to approve a case, but only to take action.  This is a very effective way to force CIS to take action on a long-pending immigration application.

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