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Family-Relative Immigration Taking Too Long

The Intolerable Delay for Relative Petitions I recently met with a prospective client.  The facts were not unusual: she was 35 years old, a U.S. citizen who is, and has been, living abroad, and she met somebody she wishes to marry.  With this decision comes a host of other major life decisions: how to introduce […]

CIS Locks Social Security Numbers Provided by E-Verify

In an article on the USCIS website, CIS describes how it will not detect and prevent fraudulent use of Social Security Numbers through the E-Verify system.  CIS hopes to detect SSNs that have been stolen, borrowed or purchased from other individuals.  CIS is now able to lock an SSN that appears to have been misused, protecting […]

Speaker Boehner Promises to Thwart Immigration Reform

  For Immediate Release by American Immigration Council     Speaker Boehner Ignores the Costs of Doing Nothing November 14, 2013 Washington D.C. – Yesterday, Speaker of the House John Boehner reassured the far-right wing of the Republican Party and anti-immigrant activists that he would never agree to a conference to hammer out an agreement on […]

Obama Plans Immigration Reform Push After Fiscal Crisis Ends

As described in a Reuters article, President Barack Obama said on Tuesday, October 15th that stalled immigration reform would be a top priority once the fiscal crisis has been resolved.

H-1B Employees – What Happens in a Government Shutdown?

Once again, we face a possible government shutdown on October 1st, since the current continuing funding resolution expires on September 30th. The last threat of a government shutdown was in 2011 and the last actual shutdown occurred in 1995-1996. The issue, how government contractors must treat H-1B employees during a shutdown, is complicated by competing […]

Pointers for Automatic Visa Revalidation

AILA – CBP Liaison Practice Pointer: Automatic Visa Revalidation A nonimmigrant alien who has previously presented a visa for admission to the United States may sometimes be readmitted (a) in the same nonimmigrant classification as shown on an expired visa or (b) in a different nonimmigrant classification than shown on an expired or valid visa if […]

Government Checking Social Networking Sites for Immigration Fraud

Immigration News Government Checking Social Networking Sites for Immigration Fraud We always have advised our clients to avoid anything the government could interpret as “fraud” in their immigration applications.  For example, someone on an “H” visa or applying for permanent residence should not change job title or work location without first notifying immigration authorities.  Currently, […]

Developments in Immigration Reform – Spring 2013

  Here is our Spring 2013 newsletter, Developments in Immigration Reform, from Deutsch, Killea and Eapen

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Debunks Negative Myths About Immigration

    In an incisive report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Debunks Negative Myths About Immigration  

Legal Immigration Helps the U.S. Economy

Legal Immigration Helps the U.S. Economy   A Washington Post article indicates the potential benefits of increasing legal immigration to the U.S.


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