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The immigration lawyers at Deutsch, Killea and Eapen can evaluate your eligibility for Asylum, or whether you should be able to remain in the U.S. due to having been the victim of crime or abuse.  We will provide clear information and efficient immigration assistance, with sensitivity to your situation.  In the more than 25 years of this Immigration Law Firm, we have handled many of these cases.  We like to say that we take on the tough cases.

Seeking asylum or refugee status in the United States

Our Washington DC immigration lawyers have helped many people to apply for Asylum in the United States.  The cases we have undertaken are too numerous to detail, from “westernized” women who fear returning to their strictly religious countries, to a military commander who feared the new, hostile regime in his home country.

With an exception for changed country circumstances, an Asylum application must be filed within 1 year of entry to the United States.  One applies for Asylum either “affirmatively,” through an application to the US CIS Asylum Office, or “defensively,” in Immigration Court during removal (deportation) proceedings.

In order to qualify for Asylum, one must prove (1) a “well-founded fear” of persecution (serious loss of life or liberty), (2) due to one’s race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.  We would be happy to consult with you, if you are considering applying for Asylum – we only recommend applying if there is a strong chance of success, since failed Asylum applicants are sometimes required to leave the United States.  The CIS Web Site has detailed information on Asylum.

Help for victims of crimes, physical violence, or mental/emotional abuse

On occasion, when a foreigner marries U.S. citizen or permanent resident, an abusive situation develops.  The abuser might feel that he or she has control over the foreigner, who is not yet a permanent resident, and the abuse can be physical, or severely emotional or mental.  In such situations, we have assisted many to obtain permanent residence under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), also applicable to abused men.  Complete information about VAWA applications is on the CIS Web Site.

Or sometimes a foreigner is the victim of a serious crime while in the U.S.  Many foreign victims of crimes or family abuse are afraid to report it to the police, thinking that they will be arrested or required to leave the United States.  To provide security to foreigners, even to those not in legal status, in reporting crimes to police, the U.S. government created the “U Visa.”  In such an application, the police, prosecutor or court must certify that the foreign victim is in fact a victim of a serious crime and has cooperated with law enforcement.  If the “U Visa” is approved, the person becomes eligible for permanent residence 3 years later.  Complete information about U Visa applications is on the CIS Web Site.

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Contact one of our immigration attorneys at 202-728-0820 or through our online inquiry form, if you would like to explore a possible application for Asylum, U Visa, or VAWA.  Deutsch, Killea and Eapen, based in Washington, D.C., can help you with the process.


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